Club Rides

PetalPower organises three types of ride or session


1. Social Rides – every Thursday eve (march-Oct)

What are Social Rides?

  • Social rides are for members of PetalPower Biking Club to meet together and ride socially throughout the year. Members have volunteered to organise these rides, but the rides are not LED by these individuals and they are not responsible for the group. Rides will be promoted via the members Facebook Page, or on the Club Rides Calendar ( the calendar operates from March – October)
  • All riders will have mutual responsibility for everyone else on the ride. The group will meet, discuss the planned route and make decisions according to the ability/aspirations of the group. It is possible that groups might split up to accommodate all riders.
  • Please come prepared to ‘ride out’ at the time indicated on FB. Please bring all kit you would carry on a personal ride. A phone number has been provided so that you can check any details you need to clarify. You do not need to ‘book’ onto these rides, just turn up, have fun and RIDE LIKE A GRRL…
  • Rides will cater for all abilities unless stated so you should come prepared to ride with a mixed group of like-minded women.  These are not coaching sessions but novice riders are very welcome and will be welcomed into the group with enthusiasm.
  • Rides start from many different locations- details on Facebook

When are social Rides?

From March – October the Club will run a regular Rides Calendar

At all other times, rides will be posted by members for members on the Petalpower Group Members Facebook page

2. Led Rides

  • Led Rides are for members of petalPower Biking Club and led by qualified Mountain Bike Leaders. Leaders will guide you on an organised journey, and could help you to decide what to wear or what to carry,  make navigation decisions, and help you should you need to undertake minor trailside repairs.
  • leaders are volunteers, who have trained and are offering their services for free. If you would like a paid service, then you could try one of our coaching sessions

Level 1 Mountain Bike Leaders

are qualified to organize and lead introductory level mountain bike rides on a set route (or routes) they have been trained on. PP members ( NOTE: additionally non-members considering joining are also protected through the insurance cover) will be given a warm up activity on a flattish safe area (such as a grass field), they will be taught how to conduct a bike check, and then led on an enjoyable and safe journey. Ratios will be small, and the aim is to feel “well looked after”. The Leader will be able to help if you have a puncture and repair this on the trail. If you get cold & wet, they will carry a group shelter, and if you get injured, they will have a comprehensive first aid kit. The L1 Leader is trained to work best with riders lacking confidence, or fitness who want a supportive environment in which to re-engage or start out in cycle sport.

Trail Cycle Leader (TCLs) or L2 Mt Bike leaders -

These leaders can work more independently, selecting routes, navigating, and riding more technical terrain. These leaders must operate within ½ hour from an access road where emergency aid can be reached. TCLs tend to work with novice to Intermediate riders. An example of such a ride might be, Glenmore to Nethy Bridge via Ryvoan Bothy.

MBLs or L3 Mt Bike Leaders

MBLs can plan and lead on journeys and terrain which are likely to be more remote and more technical. These leaders are able to deliver rides to intermediate & advanced riders. An example of such a ride might be, the Badaguish Circuit.

3. Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions can be offered as follows:

  • Coaching sessions will be promoted through an annual Coaching Calendar
  • You could request a coaching session by contacting our Coaching Officer.